Louvia - visual and interactive studio

Louvia is the brain child of Gregory Bassett.  A New Zealand born 30 something living in his adopted home of Melbourne, Australia for the past 12 years. After hammering it out at other firms for over 10 years, he had a light bulb moment where everything became clear.  “Why not do this for yourself?” he said.  So in early 2016 he walked from a steady paying job and took the plunge and never looked back.

The name Louvia derives from a mix of his niece and nephews names, Louis and Sylvia.  Gregory wanted a personal touch and something to have a back story to the name. After countless whiteboard pro’s and con’s, logo attempts, name mash ups, Google searches and notebook entries, the name Louvia stuck with him the most.

Gregory started Louvia with the first and foremost emphasis on customer service and will continue to go that extra bit further when needed. A remarkable eye for quality and those extra little details that go a long way to keep our clients coming back.

Louvia caters to clients all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We provide extended levels of service to cater to large and small companies.

Louvia can be of benefit to the residential, commercial and industrial fields. With over a decade of experience in 3d imaging, Louvia provides the know how, superior customer service and on-going support when needed.

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Gregory Bassett - Director