3d Product Visualisations

Product rendering

The 3d Concept

From concept to prototyping, 3d product visualisations and rendering can produce photo-realistic images at an affordable cost.

By utilising resources from photos, sketches, 2d CAD, reference imagery or even an idea, a realistic 3d model can be constructed and rendered to near ‘impossible to tell’ differences between the digital and real world photography.

Utilising 3d product rendering gives the advantage of control over the products environment avoiding costly photo shoots and real world unreliable factors such as weather. Any scene can be recreated digitally to a clients needs or vision without the need for expensive production studios.

Louvia can help you visualise, material test and revise your design before the concept is committed to the prototype or production phase saving an enormous amount of time and cost.

We cater to clients all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. If you can think it, we can visualise it.