Architectural Visualisation

Visualising urban development

3D and Communication

When it comes to communicating the value and potential benefits of a proposed development, 3D rendering and architectural visualisation is an enormously powerful tool. Louvia has a proven track record in delivering evocative, and effective, interior and exterior renders for marketing and communications campaigns.

In addition to this, we have deep expertise in testing the perceptual effects of different environmental conditions on materials, the accurate recreation of physical values in lighting (IES lighting) and shadow analysis.

Louvia can cater to clients all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We provide extended levels of service to cater to large and small companies. Offering innovative and economical design assistance to not only reduce spatial conflicts within the architectural field but to also assist in surface analysis.

These services cater to the residential, commercial and industrial fields. With over a decade of experience in these fields, Louvia provides the know how, superior customer service and on-going support when needed.